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BULGARIAN: a language of Bulgaria
SIL code: BLG
ISO 639-1: bg
ISO 639-2: bul

Population 7,986,000 in Bulgaria, 85% of the population (1986). Population total all countries 9,000,000 (1999 WA).

Region Also spoken in Canada, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Moldova, Romania, Turkey (Europe), Ukraine, USA, Yugoslavia.
Alternate names BALGARSKI
Classification Indo-European, Slavic, South, Eastern.
Comments Palityan is functionally intelligible with Standard Bulgarian. The Sopa are of Petecheneg origin and speak Bulgarian. National language. Grammar. SVO. Christian. Bible 1864-1923.

Also spoken in:
Greece Language name BULGARIAN
Population 30,000 in Greece (1998 Greek Helsinki Monitor).
Comments Pomak is close to Serbian and Bulgarian; geographical dialect shading toward each. Bilingualism in Turkish, Greek. They speak Pomak at home. Also referred to locally as 'Macedonian' and 'Vlach'. The term 'Vlach' is applied variously to varieties of Bulgarian, Romani, and Romanian in Romania, Greece, Albania, and Yugoslavia. Many Greek loan words and others from the dead language, Thraco-Illyrian. Viewed as Turks in Greece. Muslim. Bible 1864-1923. See main entry under Bulgaria.

Moldova Language name BULGARIAN
Population 361,000 in Moldova (1979 census), 68% speak it as mother tongue.
Comments Christian. Bible 1864-1923. See main entry under Bulgaria.

Romania Language name BULGARIAN
Population 10,439 (1966 census).
Comments The Palityan dialect is apparently intelligible with other Bulgarian dialects. In Romania it is a recognized minority language. Christian. Bible 1864-1923. See main entry under Bulgaria.

Turkey (Europe) Language name BULGARIAN
Population 270,000 in Turkey, including refugees from Bulgaria (1993 Johnstone).
Alternate names POMAK
Dialects POMAK.
Comments 93% bilingual in Turkish. Spoken by Muslim Pomaks in Turkey and Greece. Sunni Muslim. Bible 1864-1923. See main entry under Bulgaria.

Yugoslavia Language name BULGARIAN
Comments Catholic Bulgarians are in Yugoslav and Romanian Banat. Bible 1864-1923.

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