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We offer the most attractive prices (translations from 0,60 Euro for a standard line) and discounts up to 20% for our regular customers and for large volumes. Generally the prices depend on the language pair, complexity and amount of the text. The standard line consists of 50 symbols and there are 30 lines in the page.

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We specialize in the following areas (topics) where we can guarantee an exact and correct translation:

Construction, biotechnologies, chemistry, various services, electric equipment, vehicles/automobile industry, finances, goods for rest, health, hardware, real estate, internet goods of wide consumption, cosmetics, synthetic materials, logistics, food, machine-building, mass media, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, software, tourism, entertainment.

In order to receive the offer from us as soon as possible please provide the information about you and the translation via Excellent-mail or in the contact form. In case the text is not in the electronic media you can certainly send it to us by mail or fax. Please use the registered mail for sending the important original documents. We guarantee the confidentiality of your information.

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Mongolian language

Mongolian is the best-known member of the Mongolic language family, and the primary language of most of the residents of Mongolia. If the Altaic theory is correct, then Mongolian also belongs to the larger Altaic language family. It is also spoken in some of the surrounding areas in provinces of China and the Russian Federation. The majority of speakers in Mongolia speak the Khalkha (or Halh) dialect.

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